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Other Subsidiaries of the SAS Enterprise Group that Support the IFSS

The IFSS is just one of the three (3) major business subsidiaries of the SAS Group Enterprise (or simply SAS Group). The other subsidiaries in their respective business domains are:

FSC Consultancy Future Solutions Consultancy or FSC is a consultancy subsidiary business unit which delivers sound advice and consulting services with related to matters in industrial, economics, Information technology, legal and management. Conduct of quality researches is the main offer in delivering right decisions at the right time. Future Solutions Consultancy adds to the capability of delivering internationally recognized advisory standards.

SKCTI Education The Science and Knowledge Consultancy and Training Institute or SKCTI is an education subsidiary business unit that endeavors to maintain and sustain strong economic growth as a provider of high quality professional services in management and development trainings in its seventeen (17)) expert knowledge domains such as on-line Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading, in collaboration with strategic partners like ONE FINANCIAL of UK, a leading online contract for difference (CFD) broker with its unique 'state of the art' online trading platform providing the training participants with real-time online trading experience. SKCTC provides expert and certification training in Financial, Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as part of its prime courses offerings.