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G21 - MES

IFSS-CLR has brought together a tight-knit and agile group of professionals whom possess expertise and specialized skills that perfectly complement one another. IFSS-CLR’s team of seasoned experts offer its Defense, Government, and Commercial customers over 50 combined years of professional expertise in the Aerospace Support, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Information Technology.

Our team has worked for over 13 years in the Middle East, and possess Commercial and Defense backgrounds, including service in United States Military and working to support the Saudi Arabian Military. Our members are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in Aerospace Support, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing and Information Technology.

IFSS (Integrated Future Solutions Systems) has a Strategic Partnership Agreement with CLR Integrated Solutions Inc., an United States based company, dedicated to working together to provide high level professional services and to assist in the Kingdom’s goal of a professional Saudi Workforce.

CLR Integrated Solutions Inc. is a professional consulting company serving both the Government, Defense, and Aerospace industries within the United States of America incorporated in the state of Delaware.

CLR’s diverse and dynamic team hails from different continents, possessing 50+ years of International Experience and 20+ years of service in the United States Military. CLR specializes in Defense & Commercial Consultation Services for Defense, Aviation Maintenance, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Information Technology.

80% of CLR employees trained & certified to the Aerospace Standard (AS). CLR has successfully executed Aviation contracts with some of world’s largest Defense & Space entities such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Aviall Defense, etc.