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In seeking to balance conservation with commercial fishing activities, many countries have adopted sophisticated regulations defining where vessels may fish and limiting the amount of catch. However, many productive fisheries are located in very remote areas so finding an efficient method to monitor compliance is difficult.

Traditional approaches to this problem have emphasized aerial and sea surveillance. These methods are expensive and it becomes difficult to police large areas effectively.

To improve fisheries compliance, a Vessel Monitoring System or VMS, is now used in over 30 countries to monitor over 25,000 vessels electronically with GPS and satellite. On-board each vessel a satellite terminal reports the vessel’s location - securely and privately - to a government agency at programmable intervals. Vessel operators are also able to replace manually intensive paper logbook entries with an electronic equivalent; or e-Logbook. In most cases weather and safety information is also provided via satellite – thus enhancing maritime safety. Crew can also keep in touch with their family and friends via e-mail.

IFSS Absolute is the most recognized supplier of software solutions for VMS. Our products are used by government agencies to automate monitoring of large fleets. We offer sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect deviations from proper fishing behavior. These alerts are then directed to appropriate personnel for at-sea intercepts and subsequent production of legal and casework documentation.

Our SmartTRAC™ range of VMS solutions are widely considered to be the industry benchmark. With VMS clients including the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland and Malaysia – we currently process over 35% of VMS data globally.