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Recent initiatives by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are expected to result in a Long Range Identification & Tracking System. LRIT will improve maritime safety and security by monitoring the movement of over 50,000 cargo and passenger vessels.

LRIT represents a challenge for coastal states and flag state administrations seeking to implement the best technology and gain from the introduction of LRIT. Although the primary purpose of LRIT is maritime security there are also substantive gains possible in other areas including port efficiency, merchant maritime operator efficiency and better targeting of law enforcement resources.

We believe that LRIT is most effective when properly combined with existing regional and local vessel monitoring systems; in particular the Automatic Identification System (AIS), the Ship Security and Alerting System (SSAS), Fisheries Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), Vessel Movement Center/Last 10 port reporting and existing aerial/sea surveillance programs. Combining these very different technologies requires sophisticated software, integration and analysis tools.

IFSS Absolute is uniquely placed to assist government and commercial customers in this endeavor. We process more long range maritime tracking data today than any other supplier – and our products are considered the benchmark for sophisticated automatictrack analysis in the maritime domain.

We also offer a unique level of experience in data exchange and routing of maritime data under international obligations. Today we participate in the two major electronic exchange systems of this type; the European Union Vessel Monitoring System and the South Pacific Forum Fisheries Association. Collectively these systems monitor over 12,000 vessels and exchange of data between 30 countries.

We look forward to discussing your requirements for Long Range Tracking & Identification.