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IFSS Absolute provides wireless technology solutions for the transportation and logistics sector. We offer a full range of products; including GPS tracking, integrated RFID scanning, remote monitoring (SCADA) and Dispatch / Scheduling solutions. Wireless connectivity is offered via satellite, over cellular on private radio networks.

Absolute also offers something more unique - the ability to combine these technologies across regions, asset types and wireless networks. If you have Fuel Delivery trucks in Europe, Oil Platforms in Asia and personnel security requirements in South America – Absolute has the technology and expertise to build a true global monitoring capability.

All IFSS Absolute’s products offer sophisticated automatic analysis and alerting - with the ability to link these notifications to wherever the data is needed within an enterprise. We provide gateways to ERP solutions based on the Oracle® and SQLServer® platforms. Many of our clients also operate in-house or 3rd party scheduling, dispatch or billing systems – we successfully integrate these within an overall solution.

Each Enterprise Logistics project by IFSS Absolute is built to custom client specifications. We work with logistics, security and information technology managers to develop detailed project specifications. Once we fully understand the project requirements we work to identify the best combination of hardware, wireless technologies and software for the application.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide further information on our Transportation & Logistics solutions.