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IFSS Absolute offers aeronautical solutions to customers in the Government, Military, Oil & Gas and Air Cargo sectors. Our solutions provide real-time GPS tracking, data communication and high speed Virtual Private Network Connections. Highly reliable wireless communication is provided by two leading satellite network providers; Inmarsat and Iridium.

Supported product configurations range from basic tracking, with Inmarsat-C Aero or Iridium SBD, through to integrated multi-channel voice/data offerings via the Inmarsat Global Area Network. With available data rates from 0.6KB to 400KB we have an appropriate solution to meet the client budget and performance requirements.

Our SmartTRAC™ platform provides a single, global view of all assets. We integrate electronic forms, email and sensor acquisition – making each aircraft a part of your wide area network. Military certified configurations are also available with interfaces to OTH-GOLD and other common data exchange formats. For commercial customers, we offer our expertise in linking our aero solutions with your existing flight planning, scheduling and e-mail systems.

Our Surveillance and Search & Rescue packages integrate land, maritime and aeronautical tracking. Surveillance users have access to real-time data when performing surveillance activities. For example; an operator on-board a surveillance flight can access the SmartTRAC™ database and view up-to-date AIS and Satellite vessel track data. This greatly assists with enforcement and search-and-rescue activities. Today Absolute is the largest supplier of long range tracking data to the United States Coast Guard, with data from our systems used in responding to over 1,000 distress notifications each year.

In addition to our standalone solutions, you will find technology from Absolute integrated within product offerings from leading vendors of aeronautical products in the military, surveillance and commercial sectors. We look forward to discussing our Aeronautical solutions further with you.