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Information and Communication Technology

Since the Integrated Future Solutions Systems or IFSS, is the prime mover and integration arm of the SAS Group Enterprise, it has been consistently dealing with the consultancy and delivery of high-end high-availability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions from simple individual client to corporate enterprises in major industries. It has highly reputed international partners in the technology and communication domains and is the sole commercial agent of the best automated tracking systems in the world to name a few. 


IFSS Management services help businesses achieve high performance from our long-term researches and hands-on experiences with similar high-performance corporate groups and businesses. From careful studies using the most relevant information, IFSS derives insights and puts them into action.


IFSS Industrial services provide cost estimation of materials to making sure that an industrials site is safe for workers. IFSS industrial services make sure that industrial projects are completed safely, on time and within budget bringing its clients to the revolutionary forefront of Saudi Industries.


IFSS provides quality Translation services by putting up a pool of specialists in localized legal translation with focus on only one thing - delivering professional Arabic-English-Arabic language translation services for corporate and business laws.