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The Integrated Future Solutions Systems (IFSS) is a registered ICT solution-provider and consultancy firm in Saudi Arabia. Its main line of services are in Systems Integration, Information and Communication Technology solutions, Quality Management, Industrial, Economics, and Legal and Technical Translations. IFSS is the ICT business subsidiary of the SAS Group Enterprise

The IFSS has highly-refuted international partners in the technology domain. For the past three years, it has been engaged in various ICT projects with government ministries and private companies both in consultancy, integration and other services, including engaging clients in fields of training and education.

The IFSS is headed by the SAS Group Chairman and founder, Dr. Saleh A. Sonbul, PhD, a topnotch alumnus of The George Washington University, USA, with a Doctorate degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Vision: IFSS’ vision is to be one of the leading consultancy and system integration companies in Saudi Arabia that delivers future-proof, cost-efficient, and advanced solutions.

Mission: IFSS’ mission is to bring modern technologies closer to the local citizens and communities without destroying the cultural values and environment thus providing a life of dignity and respect during their coexistence.


IFSS delivers sound advice and consulting services related to matters in management, industrial, economics, Information and communication technology, and legal translations. Conduct of quality researches is the main offer in delivering right decisions at the right time.  Future Solutions Consultancy adds to the capability of IFSS in delivering internationally recognized advisory standards.

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Systems Integration

Since the Integrated Future Solutions Systems or IFSS, is the prime mover and integration arm of the SAS Group Enterprise, it has been consistently dealing with the consultancy and delivery of high-end high-availability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions from simple individual client to corporate enterprises in major industries. It has highly reputed international partners in the information and communication technology domains and is the sole commercial agent of the best automated tracking systems in the world to name a few. 


IFSS Management services help businesses achieve high performance from our long-term researches and hands-on experiences with similar high-performance corporate groups and businesses. From careful studies using the most relevant information, IFSS derives insights and puts them into action.

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